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Updated 1/26/15

The Artist

heyI was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio, where I studied art from the time I  was 9 years old. I also attended the Arts Institute of Pittsburgh, the Ohio  Visual Art Institute, and Miami University during high school, graduating with an Associates in  Business Art.

I have been residing with  my husband, daughter and our feline friends in the beautiful Amish Country of  Wooster, Ohio since 1988. I catered heavily to the building industry the first years I was in Wooster, creating renderings for private individuals and  commercial builders. I still do a little of this these days and 2015 will be my 25th year of illustrating all the homes in the HBA’s Parade program. I have also worked in the commercial arts and design fields in a freelance capacity and I am the current superintendent of the Wayne County Fair’s art department. I enjoy learning new skills and mediums and love sharing them with others. I self teach myself many mediums so I can share all the possibilities with others, especially the kids we welcome into Mosaic Connection.

During my journey in finding myself, I reconnected with my  Christian roots and out of that my husband and I felt the need to start a faith based art organization which became, Mosaic Connection.

I do consider myself an artist, not a teacher, but I have led many people in creative art forms and frequently offer workshops. I love the results the participants experience when they experience the arts.

My main goal in life is to be grateful for the gifts the Lord has given me, use them for His glory, and to love my friends and family with all my  heart.

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